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Ever thought if you could still get hold of iPhone 3g jailbreak 4.0? If you are itching to know about the latest operating system from Apple on the 3g iPhone, then you are on the lucky side. New OS means more difficult for hackers to jailbreak the iPhone. But it seems anyone can have it even if it’s just something so difficult as getting the restrictions off the iPhone.

Once it is jailbroken, it is very easy to get access to thousands of exciting applications, downloads and games. One can even turn his iPhone to Wi-Fi spot and can be readily customized with many icons, wallpapers, latest ringtones and many more.

How to Jailbreak iPhone 3g with OS 4.0

The jailbreak application varies for iPhone 3gs and when one wants to experience more through the iPhone operating system 4.0, then there are steps to take. Most software tools are designed to jailbreak the unit first before unlocking it. There’s a difference between these two. Jailbreaking is more on opening the device in order to run hordes of applications which are restricted by IPhone Company. Unlocking is a way of opening one’s phone to accommodate another network provider aside from the ones approved by Apple. Both processes are very essential when one wants to experience the greatness of so many applications available nowadays. If you are curious just how these two are done, then check out the following guide in order to get the best out of iPhone unit.

1. Download the latest operating system in your iPhone via iTunes. Before doing anything else, it is a must that one should back all files.

2. Then proceed to download the jailbreaking tool. Make sure that it is compatible with OS. Extract the file and let it run as administrator.

3. When you see the prompt, select the firmware for iOS 4 from your file location.

4. After this, install the “Cydia” as selected. Read the options if it requires check or uncheck. Wait for the process to be done

5. The action will automatically reboot the phone. If it won’t, make sure that you turn it off.

6. Plug the phone to the pc. This action will immediately flash instructions on the screen telling you what to do. Follow this precisely. If there are errors, just retry and make sure to take note what needs to cautious about.

7. If done successfully, the phone will be set into DFU mode. This is the time when one can start the jailbreaking process. Wait for the installation to finish.

8. Once is already successfully jailbroken, start downloading all those desired applications on your iPhone.

Though Apple never really approves the whole jailbreaking thing, this type of activity is absolutely legal. So anyone wanting to experience the next best thing in iPhone 3g with iOS 4.0, this can be reasonably achieved. Jailbreaking software and programs don’t really cost much. One will find loads of them online with varying offers and customers’ reliability. The best part about getting one’s iPhone jailbroken is the freedom to choose whatever pleases one most.

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There’s nothing better than getting the best of the iPhone world. All the things you need to know, updates, entertainment and even online transactions can only be made possible with all the applications that are easily installed. This will only take with just a matter of minutes of installing the jailbreak tool.

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